Maria of Alania

Maria of Alania
   Daughter of Bagrat IV of Georgia (q.v.), called "Alania" by the Byzantines. She married Michael VII Doukas (q.v.) ca. 1071, an example of the close political and cultural ties between Byzantium and Georgia (qq.v.) in the 10th century. Her beauty was famous, as was her usefulness to Nikephoros III (q.v.) whose offer of marriage, after Michael VII's downfall, she could hardly refuse. In 1081 she aided Alexios (I) Komnenos (q.v.), warning him in time of the discovery of their plot to revolt. However, her efforts to use the Komneni to advance the rights of her son, Constantine Doukas (q.v.), who was betrothed to Anna Komnene (q.v.), failed.

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